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Help us spread the joy and hilarity of FLYMF throughout the land. Sure, we are a success if we get just one person to laugh. But what if you helped us get another? And another. And another. And soon, some little girl with chicken pox and a lazy eye on the southern coast of Côte d’Ivoire is laughing herself a shit in the pants because you went out and told everyone you knew and some you didn’t about That would be a good feeling.

Below is a brief instructional guide on how to spread the word about

Go to the water cooler, tip it over, and run around in small concentric circles, screaming, “!! It’s hilariously hilarious!! F-L-Y-M-F dot com!” If a coworker asks why you tipped the water cooler over, tell them, “The hilarious folks at told me to do it.!”

Cartwheel down the hallway of your dormitory, screaming, “!! It’s hilariously hilarious!! F-L-Y-M-F dot com!” (Doing this nearly assures you of getting laid. If your liaison later asks you if you cartwheeled down the hall just for the sex, tell them, “Yes.” This will begin a series of lies that will ultimately end the once fruitful relationship in time enough for you to cartwheel down the hall for next month’s issue of

You all have friends and family members. (If you don’t, what a sad life you live. You should end it immediately.) Hopefully you have hundreds, even thousands. Take a moment to fire them an e-mail, get them on the ringer, or give them a hug if only to tell them of the hilarity you experienced at It will connect you to them on a deep and powerful level.

Even if it’s someone you haven’t talked to in a while. Use FLYMF as an excuse to reconnect. Old friends will meet again! Burned bridges will be rebuilt! Ex-girlfriends will be slept with! Incest will be forgotten! Goodness and joy and laughter and love will conglomerate as we all sit down together and type our faithful web address into our computers,

Good luck, Friends Of FLYMF. And thank you for laughing.